Let’s Cook (Varí vám to?)

Fun contest.

Unusual cooking competition hosted by Lenka Čviriková-Hriadeľová and Vlado Voštinár.
TV JOJ new session will teach you how to do a quick shopping for lunch and inspires you for Sunday lunch. Hosts Čviriková-Hriadeľová and Vlado Voštinár are looking for two passionate home cooks in different cities in Slovakia every week. The close look on the competitors’ kitchens will convince you that you can cook quickly and efficiently as well. Unsuspecting shoppers in the food shops chain of COOP Jednota decide how delicious the food prepared by the competitors is. The winner of the competition wins a shopping voucher worth € 100.

in 2014, on TV JOJ

Hosts: Lenka Čviriková-Hriadeľová and Vlado Voštinár

Director: Dušan Domanský, Petra Vavrová

Main Camera: Pavol Baláž, Ján Kász

Production Manager: Ľuboslava Jozefová

Graphics: Martin Hudák

Creative Producer: