Company`s profile

The “NUNEZ NFE” company, owned by producer and director Peter Núñez, was founded in 2010 under the name “OREO TV”. This company continues in 10-year tradition of the original production company named “OREO”, a company co-owned and managed by Peter Núñez.


OREO successfully produced TV talent shows such as “Slovakia Searching for a Superstar” (show based on “Pop Idol”), “CZECH & SLOVAK Superstar” (“Pop Idol”), “Slovakia Has Talent” (based on “Got Talent”) and “LET'S DANCE” (based on “Dancing with the Stars”) during this period.

Peter Nunez entered the field of films in 2010, producing the original series of ten film adaptations of immortal classical literature works like “The Lady of the Camellias”, “The Inspector”, “Sense and Sensibility” and “Cyrano de Bergerac”. This series of films made for Radio and Television of Slovakia got positive reviews not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech Republic, where these films were broadcasted on Czech Television.

At present, NUNEZ NFE produces mainly TV shows for all of the nationwide Slovak television channels - RTVS, TV JOJ, TV Markíza, and TA3, as well as for televisions outside Slovakia.

NUNEZ NFE has produced several original TV formats after year 2011, such as “VÝMENA – STARÉ ZA NOVÉ” (Exchange Old for -New), “NAKUPUJE VÁM TO” (Let´s Go Shopping), “VARÍ VÁM TO” (Let’s Cook), as well as a number of licensed TV shows like “5 proti 5” (Family Feud), “Riskni milión!” (Risk It All), “Kto hovorí pravdu” (Tell the Truth), “Recept na bohatstvo” (Recipe to Wealth), and “Cena je správna” (Price is Right).

In 2012 NUNEZ NFE created and produced an original sitcom “The Most Important is That We Love Each Other” starring Peter Marcin and Marián Labuda for RTVS, that was also broadcasted on the Czech TV Prima in 2013 .

In 2013 NUNEZ NFE produced for TV JOJ a unique documentary series “GOODBYE Slovakia”, presenting Slovaks who decided to leave Slovakia and live abroad for various reasons.

NUNEZ NFE annually produces a gala show from best Slovak athlete awards – “OVB Athlete of the Year”.

For the news channel TA3, NUNEZ NFE has developed and produced a banking magazine and the “Kinofil” magazine that covers all around the films and film industry in Slovakia and abroad.
In 2014 NUNEZ NFE produced its first cinema documentary named “ARCHBISHOP BEZÁK, GOODBYE…”, that became one of the most successful documentary films shown in cinemas since 1993 and was also distributed to cinemas in Czech republic.

Currently NUNEZ NFE is producing its first film for cinemas, based on the bestseller by Evita Urbaníková named “All or nothing”.

Beside developing and producing films and TV shows, NUNEZ NFE engages in creative works and production of TV and radio spots as well as media acquisition. NUNEZ NFE owns 50% of SENZI a.s., that operates a music television station named “SENZI”, which started in September 2013.

The NUNEZ NFE company employs and cooperates with lot of the best Slovak professionals in development, producing and creative solutions on the field of film, television and advertising creation and, of course, many Slovak artists. NUNEZ NFE is also looking for new talents and regularly gives them the opportunity for self-fulfillment working with the company.